Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NEWS: Termanology Enlists Ideal Nas Producer Line Up For New Album

Termanology manages to snatch up an entire dream line up of producers for his upcoming new album. The kind the homie the little Homey [per Eskay] Nas needs. Last time I met with you, you were in the studio with Statik Selektah and you were doing tracks with him and it sounds like the albums really shaping up, can you tell me about the album and which producers your working with and what they can expect from it?
Termanology: Big up Statik Selektah I got 7 joints on his album, I pretty much executive produced it, I was there everyday when he done it, I’ll be there and tell him what was wack or what was hot, he always asked my opinion on who he should piece together on the tracks and it came out crazy so big up Statik Selektah. My album so far I got Dj Premier, Pete Rock, Alchemist, Showbiz, Bucwild, Large Professor and Nottz so it’s looking classic with the producer line up, I wanted it to be like if as far as the beats are hot then all the pressure falls on me, so as long as I rip it then there it is, I like the pressure so it has to live up to the music that the producers done prior. Full interview here.

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Blogger eskay said...

>>The kind the homie Nas needs.

don't you mean, "the Little Homey"

Blogger SDSU said...

Nas and I have other ways of speaking of each other than most people. I call him "the homie Nas" and he doesn't call me. that's an understanding we have.

Blogger eskay said...



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