Tuesday, January 22, 2008

NEWS: Fat Joe 'The Elephant In The Room' Tracklist + Cover

Well, at least we have a DJ Premier track to look forward to on Fat Joe's upcoming new album The Elephant In The Room

Fat Joe - The Elephant In The Room
1. The Fugitive - Produced by Street Runner
2. Ain’t Nothing feat. Dre - Produced by Cool & Dre
3. The Crackhouse feat. Lil Wayne - Produced by Cool & Dre
4. Coca Baby feat. Jackie Rubio - Produced by Danja
5. Get It For Life feat. Pooh Bear - Produced by DJ Khaled
6. Drop feat. Swizz Beatz & Jackie Rubio - Produced by Swizz Beatz
7. I Won’t Tell feat. J. Holiday - Produced by The Hitmen
8. KAR (Kill All Rats) - Produced by Street Runner
9. 300 Brolic feat. Opera Steve - Produced by The Hitmen
10. Preacher On A Sunday Morning feat. Pooh Bear - Produced by Scott Storch
11. Thank God For That White - Produced by DJ Premier
12. Party All The Time feat. Diddy - Produced by Danja

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fat joe best alive!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I just don't trust in musician whose albums are totally produced by a bunch of different guys. In fact, I respect more artists who produce their own works; like Scottish rapper Sildenafil , though this is a little hard for artists signed with multinationals.


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