Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NEWS: NYOILL To Release 9 Wonders EP

NYOIL has announced he will be releasing 9 Wonders (the Digital EP) February 20th 2008. It will be a free download available right here on, featuring NYOIL over 9 previously released 9th Wonder beats. Info below. First track and video debuting right here soon.

On New Media: "I'm constantly trying to develop new strategies to market music and developing significant business partnerships with new media. This is a wonderful opportunity to recognize Blogger as the future of Hip Hop press. A good blog is usually written by someone that would do it, has done it because they have a legitimate love for the culture." Said NYOIL.

On the songs: "I felt like if I redid the songs it would be disrespectful to the people that originally rocked to them. Fact is I just treated each beat as if it had never been rhymed to. I wanted to show my mastery of this style of hip hop, my ability to still build solid ideas, a conscious message, and show the timeless quality of 9th Wonders production."

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Anonymous MiRKED said...

sounds dope homie, NY+9th = dope


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