Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Functionality & Design For SDSU

Those readers/visitors that are not subscribers through the RSS feed probably noticed some drastic design and functionality changes that went into effect a week and a half ago or so. Little late on this but to summarize:

+ New SDSU Music Player added in sidebar to your right. Every song posted on SDSU will automatically appear in the player for easy quick listening and deciding if you want to download it or now. The player is embeddable on your MySpace, Facebook, and any other side. It is also 'pop-able' meaning it can be a stand alone player as well.

+ New About page with press mentions. (Read here)

+ Menu on top where the buttons "MP3", "News", "Video" and "Interviews" correspond with the obvious.

+ The sidebar has a few new sections
1. SDSU's Mixtapes In Heavy Rotation which will be updated frequently. Anyone who wants to suggest or submit mixtapes get in touch through wesATliberatedmatter.com
2. SDSU's Latest Videos are ones either shot by myself or ones that debut on the SDSU YouTube Channel.
3. SDSU's Hip Hop Photograhy is a flickr tool that shows a bunch of thumbnails of photos taken by myself at shows in a slideshow format. They also appear on my flickr page.
4. NYC Hip Hop Show Calendar. This one is self explanatory. Including links to tickets.
5. SDSU's featured New Hip Hop Video Of The Week
6. SDSU's featured Classic Hip Hop Video Of The Week
7. Language options: Since a good section of our are readers from abroad, I added a translation tool in the side column for a few major languages.

+ There is also a new Elements Of Hip Hop Feeds section with four categories.
1. Music Downloads: mostly classic 12" releases, rarities and mixtapes.
2. Hip Hop Fashion & Kicks: Your latest Hip Hop inspired/inspiring clothing.
3. Graffiti: Cool tags and pieces from all over the world.
4. Breakdancing & B-Boying: Videos and other stuff.
Hope you enjoy!


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