Monday, January 28, 2008

NEWS: Joe Budden To Release 'Padded Room' In Spring

This could be good. Crossing fingers.

If all goes as planned, rapper Joe Budden will release his first album in five years, "Padded Room," in the spring. "It's complete," Budden says of "Padded Room," which will be released by Amalgam Digital. "It basically will be in the same vein as 'Mood Muzik,' just a little more structure and the mood will probably be a little lighter. I'm definitely pleased with the direction that it's going." He adds that the album "sounds like Joe Budden. I can't really say it sounds like the times, because the times right now I'm not too fond of. I'm not too big on how that sound is going. But Joe Budden fans will get what they're accustomed to, and there's music on there for the casual listener as opposed to 'Mood Muzik,' which is not for the casual fan." (Billboard).

Video via Eskay's via MTV.

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