Monday, January 14, 2008

VIDEO: Wu-Tang Clan Live @ Hammerstein

I scoured YouTube for a few videos of this weekend's Wu-Tang Clan Hammerstein Ballroom concert. See below. Shaky, far away and fuzzy but the energy is palatable. Below photos take by DutchDaMasta. Erykah Badu came out to sing Happy Birthday to Raekwon.

- Raekwon - Criminology (Live @ Hammerstein) [Watch]
- Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothing To F*ck With (Live @ Hammerstein) [Watch]
- Erykah Badu sings Happy Birthday to Raekwon [Watch]

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Anonymous Big Homie said...

Damn I wish I was there. Their live performances are always live.

Blogger Dutch Damasta said...

Stay posted for the next show this thursday it's going to be bananas...


Dutch Damasta
The Inside Track to Industry Insiders...

Blogger SDSU said...

most definitely. i think im going to be there actually!

Blogger Dutch Damasta said...

Check the WU-TANG CLAN at the Hammerstein for DAY 2...

Post your comments on the site: (Please)

Thanks in advance...


Dutch Damasta

Blogger Dutch Damasta said...

Pick up a copy of the new KING magazine with Danity Kane on the cover!!!
I have a full page spread of my photos...!!! Page 57... to view more images from event...
Post a comment...

The Inside Track To Industry Insiders...

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