Wednesday, December 19, 2007

NEWS: Saigon Officially Unquits Rap

I'm very happy about this. A few weeks ago I said: "I hope Saigon reconsiders and decided to only quit the negative side of the industry and just focus on the positive side and make some change happen on his own terms.". In Sai's own words:

After all the messages from yall, the phone calls from the 'real' industry people, and just the thinking I did...I decided 2 things, I decided that right now quitting is not an option for me, and number 2, that if Im going to continue to make music and do this rap thing...Im playing by MY OWN RULES....If youre not with me, youre against me....We have a plight to help save lives and enlighten people that we have some serious adjustments to make..So if youre a D.J. or a journalist who does something that is going to try and hurt what were trying to do, eg. not supporting my records or trying to slay me in the media, you are against me and what I stand for...If youll play a song that celebrates black and brown people killing each other, selling drugs to each other, or making it rain 1$ bills on some poorly eduacated young misled girl, but wont play the meaningful positive music....Youre against what we stand for and probably dont deserve that powerful position.

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