Tuesday, December 11, 2007

NEWS: New Erykah Badu Album Coming

Erykah Badu is more Hip Hop than most rappers are and Worldwide Underground was a grossly underpromoted but amazing record that knocked hard. So there, I said it. He new album is set to be released February 26th and will be called Nu AmErykah. The bad news is that it's a double album, and that's never really a good idea. Name one double album that couldn't have been cut down to a single perfect disc. (Aside from Stevie Wonder's Songs In The Key Of Life.)

"I named this album 'Nu AmErykah' because I'm dealing with whatever is to come instead of what was. In taking on a project like this, I'm taking the responsibility to talk for my race and my planet. I'm sure the record company will make their money and they've given me the blessing of time." (source). The first single, 'Honey', is produced by 9th Wonder.

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