Tuesday, December 11, 2007

LISTEN: Tha Dogg Pound - They Don’t Want It

DOWNLOAD Tha Dogg Pound - They Don’t Want It (MP3)

This new Tha Dogg Poung track the dopest thing they've done since Dogg Food. Even if it's main beat bites 'Grindin''. It morphs into a bunch of other beats throughout it's running time (over 6 minutes) and take the listener on a little trip. I really really really want Beanie Sigel drop a hot 16 on a remix. Spotted at Eskay.

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Anonymous Hoosier said...

You're right it does remind me of Grindin. However as long as Kurupt and Daz spit like this I might buy their next album.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who the fuck woke Daz and Kurupt? They sound like they care again.


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