Tuesday, November 27, 2007

VIDEO: Rappers Bowling

Cause, Hired Gun, Donny Goines, the Internets Celebrities and myself went bowling. Or as I like to say "Bowwwwwllinnnnnn'" Dallas: "Hip-hop has become not like wrestling... but like bowling."

You know the deal. OhWord.com & SitDownStandUp.com curating. Internets Celebrities hosting. 4 dope underground MCs and one secret guest. Git yo tickets here.

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Blogger Heather h.e.r. Widener said...

i like donny's music, i'll have to check the rest out!

Anonymous rappers Source said...

good stuff!!! "CAUSE" stands out the most to me was that his music @ the end and who the hell is that galatica dude very weird.....


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