Monday, November 26, 2007

NEWS: LL Cool J Almost Ready To Admit It Wasn't Jay-Z's Fault

LL Cool J is almost ready to admit that his comments about Def Jam not pushing his last album, and it being Jay-Z's fault that it tanked, probably weren't true.

In an interview with MTV: "It's an incredible feeling" said Cool J, who proclaims this is the best album he's done in almost a decade. "And you know what? I have to give 50 props for that. If a guy calls you on the phone and says, 'You know what? Your last record was kinda slow and this was a little weak.' It was like, 'Yo, I just thought the record was slow, man, don't mess my LL up.' [...] I'm humble. I'm confident, but I'm humble. "I don't mind having a conversation with a guy who seems to have his finger on the pulse and having a conversation with him and talking with him and seeing if he can push me a little bit and get my mojo back," he added. "I didn't feel I fell off, but I felt I was a little bit out of touch with the things I should be thinking about. I needed to get a little more focused and close to my people and closer to the street." Read the full interview here.

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