Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NEWS: Lupe Fiasco Doesn't Think He's That Good

Lupe Fiasco was interviewed over at R&R. Some choice comments.

Photo by Dave Bullock / eecue.

On himself as an MC:"I am not the Hip-Hop saviour. I am not that guy. I mean, I don’t really think that I’m that good."

On CRS, the collaborative project with Kanye West and Pharrell: "I always say CRS is the last great idea in Hip-Hop to be done. But it’s a scheduling [nightmare]. Kanye is finishing his album [duties], I’m finishing mine, Pharrell is doing N.E.R.D, and then once we all come off tour everyone is doing this. We need to sit down and have a month to do a CRS project, and we aren’t foreseeing doing that til the fall of next year. Outside of the hype - once you get through the hype, the fashion [and] the clothes, the music is going to be phenomenal. That is the one thing that I can almost [guarantee]."

On listening to Midnight Marauders from start to finish since Fiascogate: "No, and honestly I never will." Read the full interview here.

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