Friday, November 30, 2007

NEWS: Ghostface Killah Did NOT Sell Hat On Ebay

Seems like RZA isn't the only person Ghostface Killah has issues with concerning payment. You may remember his video about auctioning off his fitted 'Atlanta Backwoods' cap which has "been in front of Halle Berry". Well the buyer reneged.

Ghost at a recent video shoot by Hesastud. More here.

When the bidding ended on November 4, the lucky winner of said hat — a — agreed to deposit $355 in the PayPal account of Ghostface's intermediary seller. At least that was the plan. "I didn't sell it, because the guy that posted on it that bought it, he reneged on it. So it wasn't nothing to it, you know." More here.

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Anonymous Des said...

I'm pretty sure he didn't sell a "CAT" on eBay. lol

Blogger Undisputed Wes said...

lol! greatest typo by me ever haha


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