Tuesday, October 16, 2007

VIDEO: Irv Gotti's Reality Show Episode 1

STREAM Irv Gotti's Reality Show Episode 1 (VH1)

Watch the first episode of Murder Inc./The Inc's Irv Gotti's VH1 reality show. I tried, but couldn't get past the first few minutes. Where did the days of quality TV go?

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Blogger Faith Whitfield said...

You are right. That show was boring and it sucked. He is not an interesting dude at all.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree... Gotti's Show seemed sincere. It gave us a new prespective on the music industry. It also give a a good look at is fmaily life. I bet the peoplehow say that he or she doesn't like Gotti's Way, would watch Flavor of love or I love New York. ( which are staged and are not reality at all.)


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