Thursday, September 20, 2007

NEWS: Kay Slay Hustles Jive Records For $1.5 Mill

I guess I was wrong when I said that signing Papoose to Jive Records was a bad business move. It was a bad move only for Jive. Kay Slay hustled them out of that $1.5 million signing bonus.

“It was like a fucking year of hell,” DJ Kay Slay said. “They meant well, they believed in the project. Unfortunately we almost became victims of A&R hell. You can not put a 60-something year-old white man on a 20-something year-old black kid’s project from Brooklyn and think it’s going to pop. We wound up with records that we didn’t want to come out.”

Was it really unclear previous to signing this deal who the A&R would end up being? I doubt it. It's funny how money changes situations.

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Blogger Djlethal01 said...

I dunno why the went to Jive in the first place.. did they not see what happened with the Clipse.. who had Pharrell backing them!

I wonder if the label tried to recoup any of the signing bonus.


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