Monday, August 27, 2007

LISTEN: Kanye West - Homecoming ft Chris Martin

DOWNLOAD Kanye West - Homecoming ft Chris Martin (MP3) via CnK

You know when I heard that? When I was back home.

Kanye West is really impressing me lyrically and flow-wise on these tracks off of Graduation. While Coldplay's Chris Martin becomes the Nate Dogg of 06/07, 50 Cent loses again. Great song. Nice Jay-Z reference in the lyric.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the song and I like Kanye, but this is pathetic. It was not necessary to use some recycled verses that have been out since the College Dropout, especially, when the original song was better. I expect a lot more from Mr. West when the album is released.

Anonymous Undisputed Wes said...

i kind of like the new version better, i hear it actually might not make the album though

Blogger Pat said...

Saying Kanye is impressing you lyrically and flow-wise is like saying you prefer your Pop Tarts straight out of the package. It's obvious as all hell! Love 'ya Wes! Thanks for the tune!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i prefer my pop tarts toasted :)

Anonymous Kanye West Fan said...

You can have album College Dropout of Kanye West, on my blog.


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