Thursday, October 09, 2008

LISTEN: Lil' Wayne & The Roots - A Millie (live)

DOWNLOAD Lil' Wayne & The Roots - A Millie (live) (MP3)

Live in Miami last night. Questlove is doing all those "amillie" parts vocally while drumming. From his Twitter: many things i can do on my day job and 90% of you seen em: talk and jokes while drumming, pick my hair and bandlead, penalize frank or the guilty party and not lose the beat, even blogged and posted on while drumming
girlfriend once made me a sandwich and i dropped nary a crumb while i played 16th notes
but ladies and gents...a first in my 20 years as a Root....i got stumped, i cannot drum and sing "AMILLIEAMILLEAMMILLIEAMILAMILAMILAMILAMILLIEAMILLIEAMILLEAMMILLIE" at the same time, never in my life have i ever prayed for a moment to pass. i can do 200 crunches w/o bitching even deal w/ moms crying i dont call her enough, but i really thought i couldn't make it through this song without turning purple. much thanks to Weeze for holding us down.

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