Friday, September 12, 2008

LISTEN: LL Cool J - New York, New York

DOWNLOAD LL Cool J - New York, New York (MP3)

LL Cool J was one of my favorite rappers back in the day, before he made a sharp turn for the wack. Recently he finally released one or two tracks that again had some life to them, ones that weren't terribly misguided pop efforts. (Check out the dope 'Rockin' With The G.O.A.T.' here.) But this bonus track off of Exit 13 shows he hasn't lost his ability yet to release badly conceived and poorly executed tracks. Lets summarize, a tired Frank Sinatra sample (you can guess which one), lame claims of 'taking New York back', that overly fake and annoying laugh opening the track, a Nas bite, a played out flow, and synthy strings that make it sound like an even lamer A+ 'Enjoy Yourself' knock off (and that's hard to do). Try harder Uncle L. You're better than this.

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