Tuesday, May 06, 2008

NEWS: Guru + Solar To Play S.O.B.'s w/ Secret Guest

Gang Starr's Guru will be performing with his new collaborative partner Solar as part of Revive Da Live at S.O.B.'s on MAY 19th. It was announced there will be a special suprise guest Grammy-Award Winning Trumpeter with A Hard Groove. Which obviously has to be Mr. Roy Hargrove. Should be dope.

Revive Da Live is a musical movement based on two goals: to enrich the soul of hip-hop and to redefine jazz as a genre relevant to the hip-hop generation. Revive Da Live aims to spark a jazz renaissance by revamping the formula of popular music through a Jazz/Hip-Hop union that some call a Nu-Jazz movement. Revive Da Live is about exposing the fusion of soulful jazz roots with the fresh, youthful energy of hip-hop to inspire jazz and hip hop enthusiasts and the two energies come together on Monday, May 19th when Guru, Solar and the surprise Grammy-winning jazz trumpeter take the stage at the legendary S.O.B.'s in Manhattan, New York.

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