Monday, April 14, 2008

VIDEO: Freestyle Battle Controversy

I'm sure everyone else also got this video forwarded to them over the weekend, and I'm just posting it to make a case for Eli. Clearly he was the better battle MC, even if he did pause for a while. Just look at it as a pregnant pause, a slightly extended Jay-Z type silence between lines. Envy's only punchline was a lame one about Eli's disability. I say Eli won, though a friend of mine just told me "nah, the middle judge won by getting rubbed on by the host", which is actually a good point.

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Blogger Pairadeau said...

what's up with that gay shit...and people stop laughing at the cripple because you're laughing at yourself...just think about how sad that is for the black community. Go ahead. Just think...

Anonymous Big Homie said...

I almost died when I saw this. SMH at dedicated a post for it.

Eli Porter >


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