Wednesday, April 23, 2008

LISTEN: DJ Jaycee - Pizza At Primo's (Full Mixtape)

DOWNLOAD DJ Jaycee - Pizza At Primo's (Full Mixtape) (MP3)

I have posted the excellent Pizza At Primo's mixtape once before, but TSS's feature, which includes an interview with DJ Jaycee, makes it worth a re-post. Every Hip Hop fan needs to own this mixtape. Read an excerpt below, the full interview here. Check the tracklist here.

Jaycee: I don’t understand why Nas and Jay-Z won’t record with him today. That shit is stupid to me.
TSS: It’s fucked up man. A few years ago I read that Jay rejected some pretty dope Premier beats for his recent projects.
Jaycee: Yeah. How would you shit on some Premier beats and then accept Swizz Beatz?
TSS: Ha ha, I don’t know man. It’s suspect.

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