Thursday, January 17, 2008

VIDEO: Jeru the Damaja Performs 'Top Billin' @ Hip Hop Karaoke

Jeru the Damaja performs "Top Billin'" at Hip Hop Karaoke NYC. HHK has been growing steadily and on January 25th the 1st Annual Hip Hop Karaoke Championship will be taking place at Highline Ballroom. Prince Paul, Ralph McDaniels and Dres (Black Sheep) will be the judges and there will be a $1,000 Grand Prize. Below you can watch a video of Jeru the Damaja performing Audio Two's 'Top Billin' at a recent Hip Hop Karaoke NYC event. More info to the event and a link to purchase tickets in the new 'NYC Hip Hop Concerts Calendar' in the sidebar to your right.

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