Friday, January 25, 2008

NEWS: Teen Tries To Hijack Plane To Crash Into Hannah Montana Concert

Personally, I blame Hip Hop.

A teenage passenger was detained after a Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles landed in Nashville, an airline spokeswoman said Thursday. Nashville television stations, citing unnamed sources, said the teen unsuccessfully tried to hijack the plane to Lafayette, La., and crash it into a building where a “Hannah Montana” concert was to be performed. (AP)

A tip led guards to arrest a teenage runaway from a Los Angeles flight. Investigators said he somehow smuggled handcuffs, rope and tape onto the plane. He also had a copy of the flight plan and schedules. Investigators said he planned to hijack the plane and order the pilots to divert the course from Nashville to Lafayette, La. The teenager wanted to crash the airliner into a Hannah Montana concert. (Channel5). Via DailySwarm.

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Anonymous Mirked said...

thats actually false homie, that dude tried to jack the plane but the hanna montana thing isn't true. it was just a "net" rumor

Blogger SDSU said...

ah man, that was so good though. a search online doesn't have anything come up for me that debunks it though. any links for us to check out?

Anonymous Mirked said...

nah sorry, that would have been BANANAS i had seen it on TV this morning here in LA they was talking about the rumor

Blogger C-Rocka said...

Damn that would have been crazy if it were actually true.

Still a teen hijackin' a plan is some serrrrrious shit.


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