Wednesday, January 02, 2008

NEWS: Rumored Nas Cover & Tracklist

This is the alleged cover for Nas's upcoming album N*gger with a rumored tracklisting. Essentially I'm giving you nothing, yet you will be excited to read it anyway. That's how Nas operates and I too fall for it every time. We still love you Nasir. Tracklisting below.

1. Intro
2. Black Legends
3. Rest In Peace
4. You A Nigger Too
5. The Fear Of A Black Man’s Dick
6. I’m Blessed
7. The Truth
8. Realise
9. Just Memories
10. This Way (featuring Jay-Z)
11. Kisses & Hugs (featuring Kelis)
12. Based On A True Story (featuring The Game)
13. Take A While
14. Nigger
15. Publicity (bonus track)

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Anonymous the_untitled said...

Um wow? 's bit strong.


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