Thursday, January 31, 2008

CONTEST: Ghostface Killah Deck + T-Shirt

SDSU CONTEST: The kids over at Zoo York, Cornerstone and Def Jam have teamed up with SDSU to do this great Ghostface Killah contest. I mean, seriously, how cool are these prizes? You know you love The Big Dough Rehab, and you know you want that shirt and deck. Even you non-skateboarders out there. Looking at you Rafi.

The aforementioned parties have created that hype co-branded skateboard deck and T-shirt adorned with custom graphics that pay homage to The Big Dough Rehab, as well as the abundance of AKA’s the hip-hop icon has adopted over the past fifteen years. Limited to less than 500 promo-only pieces and slated to release in early February 2008, these co-op collectibles will be available exclusively through in-store and online promos from Def Jam, Cornerstone, the Zoo, and this SDSU contest of course.

WHAT TO DO TO WIN: Write me at wes[AT]liberatedmatter[DOT]com (subject line: GHOSTFACE CONTEST) and tell me your mailing address and what your favorite Ghostface Killah album is. One winner will be randomly picked and sent the prizes per UPS, who by the way are hiring. NOTE: Only people in the continental US are eligible. Sorry international readers.

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Blogger C-Rocka said...

That board is dope! Love Zoo York, they make some great promo limited addition pieces for artists.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn that ZooYork board is hot !

Anonymous Forest City $oulja said...

Thats such a tight deck and Tee.
Both hands clusty,
chillin with my man Rusty,
low down blew off the burner kinda dusty,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hell to the yeah and i won it

ahahah i love this deck its so smooth and so much pop its the best

Anonymous Anonymous said...

great nigga)))


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