Friday, December 14, 2007

VIDEO: Cause - On The Run (Live)

Cause was one of the performers at last week's Stand Up! show. Another amazing video courtesy of Terrence Elenteny.

Dallas Austin Penn said: "[Cause] has a calculated delivery and he can go from the meditative style of a Rakim to the hyperfast spit of a Twista. We joke on Cause because he is only 21yrs old and he has two managers, a hype man a back up singer and a camera crew. Cause took the HBO show to heart and got his own ‘Entourage’. You are going to hear more good things about this emcee sooner than later."

Rafi said: "Cause can amaze with his flow and he has a strong but good-natured presence on stage. You can definitely tell the guy is having fun up there, which is important for a performer because it is contagious."

I say: Watch out 2008, Cause is coming. More news soon.

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Anonymous NASTYNATE said...

WOW! This kid has skills but is the chorus a sample or an actual chorus but wateva the case he has it.....

Blogger Undisputed Wes said...

i think it's original

Anonymous lbeezy said...

chorus is a sample...props to producer Fresh Prodeuce on that one

Anonymous rafi said...

Dallas Penn is not Dallas Austin (and vice-versa).

Blogger Undisputed Wes said...

re: Dallas Penn is not Dallas Austin (and vice-versa).

sorry, my head's a bit of a mess right now, that was a silly error. We all know Dallas Austin couldn't get down like Dallas Penn


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