Wednesday, October 24, 2007

NEWS: Jim Jones Calls Hell Rell 'Just A Pawn'

Jim Jones speaks on Hell Rell's recent comments on the whole Dipset falling apart situation.

AHH: Hell Rell’s recent comments about you do seem to suggest a divide in the group…
Jim Jones Hell Rell and 40 Cal, that’s a touchy situation. If you listen to Hell Rell, he made a couple of statements that he retracted in his recent interviews. But I heard him on a few more interviews and he refused to say anything crazy out his mouth. Hell Rell is just an artist. If you want to put it in street terms, he’s just a soldier. If you want to put it in chess, he’s just a pawn, you smell me? So his opinion really don’t make no money, regardless how you say it, so the shit don’t count. He’s like a kid who feels like his parents are going through a divorce, which they’re not. He’s just venting how he feels, but he’s opinionless, really, if you look at it. He had an album coming out, he was trying.

Ouch. I feel a mediocre diss track coming.

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Blogger Mr. Jones said...

Damn. Jim sonned Hell Rell. haha.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He must be pissed off that Hell Rell called him the old Uncle on crack and he also called Jim and Juelz fuck boys for messing with 50. This is getting bad. LOL!

Anonymous BIG DRE said...

jim jones is a fucking joke after that ballin shit his rap career been ass he try to act so hard when he done got his ass beat like three times and he claim he got guns and shit he aint nuthin but a weed smokin pussy who try to play like he a G but in reality he nuthin but a bitch hell rell is 100 times harder than dat nigga he has no loyalty and will sell his soul for a fuckin dolla its cool to get money aint shit wrong with dat but sellin yo team and yo niggas out make you worse THAN A FUCKIN RAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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