Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just Jack, No Mannequin

DOWNLOAD Cause - More Than Music (MP3)
DOWNLOAD Cause - Click Clack (MP3)

Just Jack

Hmmm the dilemma. Two great shows to attend on Tuesday. If it weren't for the fact that Cross-Pollination runs on every Tuesday at Pianos from 8-10pm (and I co-organize this with with my business partner Jay. And on top of that it weren't for the fact that I'm even more excited than usual for this particular Cross-Pollination, since it features the genre-spanning match up of my current favorite new rapper, Cause, and crazy electro-singer/songwriter Elijah B Torn.

Well then, if it weren't for all of that, then I'd just go to Hiro Ballroom for Just Jack's US debut show (free entrance by dropping a line to Doors are at 8pm, Chicken George opens at 9pm from what I understand, so my solution: first I go to Cross-Pollination and see genres destroyed, then I go to see Just Jack melt them back together again. I'm really digging the song above right now, but check his myspace for a few more songs that sound completely different.

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