Sunday, January 07, 2007

A New Day

As I was welcomed to Spring 2007 these past few days I considered if Global Warming was all that bad. I haven't seen an Inconvenient Truth yet, but I'm going to guess they do not attempt to put a positive spin to the whole thing. For example, ever since visiting the Bay Area there I've been thinking: "Wow the Bay Area climate is hella nice. I wish I lived somewhere with eternal springtime." But New York must consistently aggravate me with it's sickening climate. BUT if Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed! Global Warming has brought me Brooklyn blossoming in January and I walked around in a t-shirt! Craziness.

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to put together some questions for DMC of the legendary Run DMC. As a Hip Hop fan I was thrilled and honored. Read an excerpt below and the full interview can be found here.

BV: Do you follow today's hip hop closely? Who are some of the newer artists you're checking for?

DMC: Not at all really. It's not interesting. Well, I'm not going to say it's not interesting. It's very interesting and creative. The problem with it - it's all monotonous. It's the same thing for the last seven years. LL (cool J) said hip hop today is like one long record and one long video. A lot of it is funny and creative – but it is not relative to the life I live. To be in hip hop [today] you gotta have your hip hop manual: I gotta have my posse – check. I gotta have my bitches and hoes – check. I gotta have my bling…NO!!! You don't need any of that. Hip hop is about what is here [points to heart]. For me hip hop is NWA, Run DMC, Public Enemy, De La Soul, Beastie Boys, Eric B and Rakim. If you look at hip hop right now just from the concepts and images!?!?! It's frightening. Because it makes people think that is what hip hop is about.
- Read the full interview here

Oh and by the way, you may have noticed the new look? Yes, I'm very pleased with it. My very first time ever building a CSS section plus blogger template from scratch! The background comes from the photo above, which I took at a Sufjan Stevens concert, you may know him from the inside of Ms K's locker.

Sufjan Stevens - The Dress Looks Nice on You [live] (MP3) via TimeDoor

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